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Our services at AG Enterprises Solutions encompass a comprehensive range of solar and renewable energy solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Here are some key services we offer:


Polycrystalline materials contain multiple crystalline structures, enhancing properties like strength, conductivity, and versatility in various applications.


Monocrystalline materials possess a uniform crystal structure, enabling superior performance in various applications such as solar cells, semiconductor electronics, and optical devices.

Mono-perc half Cut

Mono-PERC half-cut solar cells divide cells into smaller sections, enhancing efficiency, reducing resistance, and improving shading tolerance in solar panels.

Bi-facial solar cells

Bifacial solar cells absorb sunlight from both sides, increasing energy output by capturing reflected light, suitable for diverse installation configurations.

Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid systems operate independently of the main power grid, relying on renewable energy sources and storage solutions for electricity supply.

On-Grid Systems

On-grid systems are connected to the main power grid, allowing for the exchange of electricity and often incorporating renewable sources.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems combine multiple energy sources like solar, wind, and grid power with energy storage, offering flexibility and reliability.

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Project planning is the roadmap for success, outlining goals, tasks, timelines, and resources for efficient execution

02 Research & Analysis

Research and analysis involve gathering data, deriving insights, and informing decisions for informed problem-solving and strategic planning.

03 Contract & Install

Contract and installation entail formalizing agreements and implementing products or services according to terms, ensuring successful integration and delivery.